Aerial Application Solutions

Aerial spraying, spreading, seeding, baiting
and granular application services

Servicing farmers in the Midwest and Northern Agricultural region of WA, as well as Moree and Northern NSW, with professional, accurate and cost-effective aerial application solutions.

About Us

Waringa Aviation is an aerial application business servicing the Midwest and Northern agricultural regions of Western Australia, providing aerial spraying, spreading, seeding, baiting, and granular herbicide application services.

Waringa Aviation offers a professional, accurate and cost-effective solution for farmers, whilst ensuring a safe and efficient work environment. We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service to our customers and continue to invest in resources as we grow.

In November 2022, Waringa Aviation acquired Rural Air Work (RAW) in Moree, Northern NSW.

RAW is a long-running business servicing irrigation and dry land farmers with 4 aircraft. With peak season for the Moree region being the opposite time of year to WA, we are able to provide an expanded service to customers in both regions, utilising our aircraft and resources across locations as required.

Advantages of Aerial Applications

Aerial applications are an effective solution for your farming enterprise, particularly as seasonal factors arise. 

  • Timeliness of application enables jobs to be completed quickly before bugs or diseases take hold.
  • Ability to counter wet ground conditions that cause delays in on-ground applications.
  • Faster application enables aircraft to work within optimal spraying conditions, reducing the risk of drift from wind and temperature changes.
  • Eliminates wheel tracks, crop damage and yield loss at later growth stages.
  • Negates soil compaction or disease transfer issues 
  • Air disturbance from the wake of the aircraft assists in penetrating fungicides and insecticides below the crop canopy.
  • Farm staff can continue with other tasks (or be off farm) while aerial applications are carried out.
  • Proof of application is available on all jobs.
Waringa Aviation Aircraft

Our Fleet

The diversity within the Waringa Aviation fleet of aircraft allows for product applications to be quickly and easily tailored to environmental conditions and crop requirements.

With accuracy and safety at the forefront, our pilots and ground staff are all highly trained and experienced in batching, loading and application.

We operate aircraft with advanced technology including:

  •  A GPS based guidance system that controls both constant and variable rate liquid spraying systems.
  • A rotating boom assembly with CP Products flat fan nozzles that allows droplet size to be varied inflight for a spectrum suited to the product being applied.
  • Assurance of the most effective application whilst  mitigating drift in sensitive areas.

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Waringa Aviation can provide you with a competent and experienced team for your aerial application needs.

Our aim is to provide you with a reliable and regular service for years to come, allowing you and your team to focus on other priorities.

Most importantly, if you are experiencing disease or insect pressure, your neighbours probably are as well, so being organised is a real benefit.

Contact us directly to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs.  

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